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Password Protect CMS Page

Password Protect CMS Page

to protect any page with a password in an easy way you can add this script to the top of the page


<script type="text/javascript">
    var password = 'password123'
    var retVal = prompt("Enter your password : ", "your password here");
    if(retVal !== password)

Magento 2 static files are not working

How many times you tried to install Magento 2 and later you could not see the website working !!, How many times you tried to search for these sentences 

"Magento 2 css not working"

"Magento 2 js not working"

"Magento 2 404 page not found" because of the static files?

Now here is the solution, and easily it is the missed .htaccess (for apache)

by quick look at this path "{magento root}/pub/static", you will see that you missed the .htaccess file