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Showing the total of the loaded time of the page

If you want to see the total loaded time for any page to compare the time between the first and second time you can use this command 


curl -L --output /dev/null --silent --show-error --write-out 'lookup:        %{time_namelookup}\nconnect:    %{time_connect}\nappconnect:    %{time_appconnect}\npretransfer:   %{time_pretransfer}\nredirect:      %{time_redirect}\nstarttransfer: %{time_starttransfer}\ntotal:      %{time_total}\n' ''

Disable Smile-SA / Elasticsuite

php bin/magento modeul:disable Smile_ElasticsuiteCore Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalog Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalogGraphQl Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalogRule Smile_ElasticsuiteCatalogOptimizer Smile_ElasticsuiteTracker Smile_ElasticsuiteThesaurus Smile_ElasticsuiteSwatches Smile_ElasticsuiteIndices Smile_ElasticsuiteVirtualCategory

How to use Private Content or Sections in Magento 2?

We will show here how we can display a private content in a full cached page, it is very useful if you want to display information per customer 
Magento loads sections by AJAX request to /customer/section/load/ and caches loaded data in the browser local storage under the key mage-cache-storage. Magento tracks when some section is changed and load updated section automatically.

We will use this Vendor/Module as names

Getting error when try to save shipping information for user using magento 2 api

Unable to save address. Please check input data.

It's a strange error we have it sometime, to solve it in some cases you execute this query 

SELECT entity_id, customer_id FROM quote WHERE customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1;

and then update the records by this query 

UPDATE quote SET customer_is_guest = 0 WHERE customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1;

reference url :