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Magento2 Module Creator Script

In this wiki , I will explain how can we use the class that we create to build Magento module 

The Script will provide 

  • Create the module strucutre
  • Create Model (CRUD), the praimary code is (ID) and also we added additinal field (status), of course plus the user needed fields, This script now support those types
    • string.
    • Date.
    • decimal.
    • int.
  • Create REST web service for each model created.
  • Prepare Observers files.
    • Global.
    • Frontend.
    • Backend.

I hope the script will be usefull for you, and i hope you find any bug , or you have an propose to contact me or create issue on github to fix it or add new feature.

the code is in my github account

Note: After create the module and install it to magento2 , don't forget to refresh the cash and execute this command

php bin/magento setup:upgrade