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Magento 2 Allowed Memory exhausted error when compile code

you need to increase the memory_limit in php.ini

and as a quick solution you can use these commands directly in the command line


php -dmemory_limit=5G bin/magento setup:di:compile


php -dmemory_limit=5G bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy



another code for the composer update

php -dmemory_limit=5G composer.phar update

php -d memory_limit=-1 /usr/local/bin/composer update


Getting error when try to save shipping information for user using magento 2 api

Unable to save address. Please check input data.

It's a strange error we have it sometime, to solve it in some cases you execute this query 

SELECT entity_id, customer_id FROM quote WHERE customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1;

and then update the records by this query 

UPDATE quote SET customer_is_guest = 0 WHERE customer_id != 0 AND customer_is_guest = 1;

reference url :

Magento2- Remove plus sign from the configurable product attributes that have additional price

To do this we need to work on the design area it is the easiest way 

firs Create new folder under your theme 

Folder Name: Magento_ConfigurableProduct\web\js

Copy this file "configurable.js" from this path


in the line 407 you need to modify this part


Magento2 use equal in email template

In this wiki we will find a way to use "==" equal in the email template, actually there is no equal in the email template itself but we can refer to a phtml file and pass a variable to it then use the if/equal in the phtml file to do this you can easily add this code to the template 

in the below example we will check if the payment method is bank transfer then we will write something