Backup and Restore Database SSH

in this wiki we have  Backing up and restoring  Database from local server and external server,

Backup Database

Backup from local server

mysqldump -u{username} -p{passoword} {database} | gzip > {path}/backup_filename_$(date +%F).sql.gz

Backup from external server

mysqldump -P {port} -h {host} -u{username} -p{passoword} {database} | gzip > {path}/backup_file_name_$(date +%F).sql.gz

Backup specific tables

mysqldump -u{username} -p{passoword} {database} table1 table2 > {path}/table1_table2.sql


Backup Paramters

- backup without table create, you can use this parameter  " --no-create-info "

mysqldump -u{username} -p{passoword} {database} table1 table2  --no-create-info > {path}/table1_table2.sql


Unzip the sql gz file

gunzip < filename.sql.gz filename.sql.gz.sql

Restore Database

Restore Database to Local Sever

mysql -u{username} -p{password} {database}< {path}/backup_filename.sql

Restore Database to External Sever

mysql -h{host} -P {port} -u{username} -p{password} {datbase} < {path}/filename.sql


Replace {username},{password},{database},{path},{host},{Port} : with your information